Revenue for One Week of Scrolls (beta) Covers the Entire Development Cost

Just a big WOW. And the game is not even out of beta yet…

Not sure what so stunning about this but it sure is confusing as hell. I don’t want a new look. I want it to improve in term of usability. The only thing that actually looks good in that concept is the Wifi, bluetooth quick toggle, which isn’t new if you’re an Android user.

Bash script to quickly toggle socks proxy on OS X

Not very elegant but it works well enough for me.


e=$(networksetup -getsocksfirewallproxy wi-fi | grep "No")

if [ -n "$e" ]; then
  echo "Turning on socks proxy"
  killall ssh
  ssh -fCND username@host
  networksetup -setsocksfirewallproxystate wi-fi on
  echo "Turning off socks proxy"
  killall ssh
  networksetup -setsocksfirewallproxystate wi-fi off

Bamboo has served us all well, but its age is starting to show. The Cedar stack is faster, more secure, more reliable, and more flexible.

Just migrate this blog from Bamboo stack to Cedar. There’s no automation process yet so you’ll have to do it manually for now.