Nestlé’s Half-Billion-Dollar Noodle Debacle in India

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So the spectre of global regulation still looms, an existential issue for the global food companies. With its Head Office in Vienna, Austria, the company currently has around 6, employees and operates in over countries. The fates of the other characters in the Maggi drama have diverged. The New Plastics Economy is a collaborative initiative involving leading participants from across the global plastic packaging value chain. And it would have to do something with all those noodles.

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This was regarded by Ethical Consumer as an international corporate lobby group which exerted corporate influence on policy-makers in favour of market solutions that were potentially detrimental to the environment and human rights. Company pages are for subscribers only - find out more about subscriptions.

Tweet this Share this. Boycotts Yes from Baby Milk Action. Ethical Consumer Best Buy? Ethical issues by category People - more info.. Environment - more info.. Animals - more info.. Politics - more info.. In Nestle was found to be a member of several high profile international lobby groups. About Us our mission our manifesto conferences working for us website info Contact Us advertising best buy label business promotion media enquiries Members Area co-op structure invest in ecra legacy scheme faqs Subscriber Area help Consultancy corporate critic policy development screenings Research Hub uk market report academic research academic journal ecrrg co-op alternatives Ratings System animals environment people politics sustainability Features animal rights economics environment fair trade human rights Mobile Site.

Ethical Consumer Research Association Ltd, Executives did not offer details, but said Nestle would be spending "significantly more money than we have been investing in this brand. Bottled water in the U. However, when measured by dollars, water falls well short. Nestle in recent years has been under scrutiny for its bottled water manufacturing practices.

For instance in , a group called Crunch Nestle protested outside a Nestle plant in Sacramento, raising concerns about the company using municipal water for its supplies amid the California drought, according to a report in the Sacramento Bee. Larissa Hrabec, director-brand marketing for Nestlé Pure Life at Nestlé Waters North America, rejected the idea that the effort was a response to critics.

In an interview, she cited the opportunity for Nestle to "stand out on behalf of water and the future of water and protecting access and availability of water. There really is no brand talking about that and that's really the unique position we are in. Dapkus said that most of the company's initiatives have been internal, such as using more lightweight packaging.

But "as the months and years go by we are going to start focusing more externally," he added. He alluded to future projects that will take proactive steps to deal with water access issues globally. The campaign includes a new logo design in which the brand name is affixed to a blue globe. A playfully drawn silhouette of a family appears in magenta beneath the name.

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