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How Do Amphibians Digest Their Food?

What Makes up the Amphibian Digestive System?
The digestive system of the frog larva, the tadpole, is very similar. Same structures are present. Oryctolagus Rabbit is a mammal. Pancreas is a pink coloured gland present the loop of duodenum. What Makes up the Amphibian Digestive System?

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Their digestion is slower than in mammals. Some of them can live a long period of time with out eating. For example the snakes eat a big pray; they spend 1 week digesting itand they can pass 2 more weeks with out eating again, that makes 1 month without eating. Stomach It is a dilatation of the digestive tube, in there the food is stored while it is passed into the intestine. The stomach througs some especial liquids that help to digest the food. The Pharinx and the Esophagus The pharinx is a muscular tube that comunicates the digestive system with the respiratoy system.

The esophagus is also a muscle and helps food or ''cud'' to move into the stomach of the reptile. But we want to focus on their digestive system. These are some parts of it: Large intestine and small intestine Into the intestines there are 4 different functions: Chemic digestion of all the food The absortion of those nutrients The liver throws billis the pancreas througths pancreatic juice Functions Frogs Crocodilles Snakes Turtles Thank you very much Snakes' digestion The oral cavity may enlarge to swallow large pray thanks to the lack of attachment of the mandible, Snakes do no chew their pray, they swallow it whole.

The saliba of the snakes have reach enzymes that help to break down the food. The saliba also contains poison or venom. They are cold blooded. They have pulmonary and skin breathing. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. Delete comment or cancel.

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