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But most of all, fashion seems to be seeing some of the most dramatic and exciting uses of wearable technology. Here are two recent examples of the best of the new experimental creations. The effect is both beautiful and quite intimidating. American-based Designer Behnaz Farahi has created a fascinating interactive garment called Caress of the Gaze.

On a more practical level, a research team called bioLogic has teamed up with New Balance and the Royal College of Art to create a smart fabric controlled by bacteria which responds to body heat by opening vents. They call it BioSkin. Achieving a similar result with different technology, a company called Chromat has developed a sports bra which opens vents for air circulation when it senses body heat.

They call it the Chromat Momentum. The Chromat Momentum sports bra responds to body heat by opening vents to improve circulation image courtesy Chromat. As so many of these new technologies are still very new and experimental, they create far more questions than they resolve, all of which will need to be answered.

They can be a helpful tool to get you a snapshot of your current lifestyle. If you are not sure of how much activity you actually do during the day, these fitness gadgets can give you an accurate idea of your complete physical activity. Wristband fitness trackers are the most popular while others can be clipped on to your belt or shoes.

Fitness band trackers typically work round the clock and provide data to track your health and fitness. Even for a non-fitness person, it is an insight to your habits and behaviors. Brands such as Jawbone, Nike, Fitbit and Samsung all have such devices. There are many new entries from the likes of Microsoft and Garmin as well. So, with so many options available, how do they compare? Fitbit Charge HR delivers automatic continuous heart rate right on your wrist without an uncomfortable chest wrap.

With all the activity and sleep tracking , Charge HR gives a complete picture of your health. It automatically synchronizes your mobile and online dashboard. Therefore, you can access your progress anytime and anywhere. See your efforts in action with real-time run stats. View incoming calls with caller ID. Maintain your intensity, maximize calorie burn and make the most of your workouts to push your fitness further.

The Fitbit Charge HR is made of a soft rubber material with a diagonal pattern texture that runs along the exterior.

A small optical sensor on the inside measures your pulse. On the outside, a small OLED screen displays health data.

The heart rate monitor continuously tracks your pulse throughout the day. When you get an incoming call, your Charge HR will vibrate and ID the caller , but it would not display your texts or other Smartphone notifications. The Fitbit app displays steps, calories burned, floors climbed altimeter , distance, sleep and heart rate metrics. The Fitbit Flex is a simple wristband that wraps discreetly around your arm measuring your activity day and night.

It is designed to be slim and lightweight so that it fits comfortably without getting in the way of your daily routine. The tracker is placed inside the wristband housing and is easily removed for charging in another Fitbit device. There is not much difference between Fitbit Flex and Fitbit One. There are two wristband sizes included in your startup pack. You just need to download the Fitbit app and set your goals.

Once you have signed up for an account, you can sync the Fitbit Flex with your PC, tablet or Smartphone and edit your targets from the dashboard. The device will track everything from the number of calories you burn in a day to the distance you travel and the number of steps you take. Therefore, you might use the Flex to set a rigorous training target or as a prompt to make sure that, you are active enough during the day. The Fitbit Flex will also track your sleep and count how many times you wake up at night.

Flex encourages to get up and get moving every day and is the perfect companion to your lifestyle. The Fitbit Surge is a fitness super watch with a built-in GPS to measure distance, pace and elevation.

Use automatic continuous heart rate measurement to maintain intensity, monitor calorie burn and maximize results. It also has the ability to tell you what kind of workout you are doing whether its yoga, weightlifting, or using an elliptical machine. This is due to the relatively higher pricing of this fitness watch. Polar specializes in heart rate monitors for the fitness community.

The Loop wristband works in connection with your Smartphone providing visual data and record keeping. The band is made up of silicone rubber like material with chrome accents and a metal buckle type fastener. The LED display lights up with indications about your progress such calories burned, steps taken, time, etc.

It also displays a bar that fills throughout the day indicating how much activity is required to reach your preset goals. The Loop also displays how many minutes of walking or jogging you need to do to reach your goals. In the inner part of the band, there is a data port for syncing the Loop to your computer, which is also used for charging.

Polar provides its proprietary magnetized cable for connecting with the band. Even though the connection is exposed, the band is waterproof which means that you can even wear this while swimming. The Polar Loop has Bluetooth technology to synchronize data with your phone or device. The Polar Loop does not have a built-in heart rate monitor.

With a 3D accelerometer, it tracks your daily movement and records your activity level throughout the day. It even offers notifications when the user has been inactive for too long during the day. This watch tracks your distance, pace, time and altitude in real time with a GPS. The watch is fully water resistant up to 30 meters, so you can shower with it and even go swimming.

It charges with a standard micro USB cable rather than some specialized proprietary cable as in most other fitness trackers. The activity guide shows how active you have been during the day. The status bar fills up when you are moving and rewards you when you have reached your daily activity goal. The activity guide also tells how much you need to do to reach the global recommendations for physical activity. The M works together with the Polar Flow mobile app and Web Flow service which give you a perfect overview of your activity.

The watch can synchronize with an external H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor to track the heart rate and can also be set up for zone specific training. The Easysync function synchronizes the activity data to the Polar Flow app with the push of a button. Simply set the distance you are running and the watch calculates your estimated finish time based on your current running speed.

The Polar M appears at the nineteenth position in the fitness band comparison table with one of the highest ratings. Swimming app — — — Yes Editor Rating 3. The Garmin Vivofit2 is a fitness band with a big always-on transflective LCD backlit display , a one-year battery life and it tracks your steps, calories burned, distance travelled and sleep at night.

It can also pair to an external compatible heart rate monitor. The Vivofit2 is water resistant up to 50 meters and it can be worn in the shower or while swimming, so there is no need to ever take it off. This fitness band is available in a number of colors and you can detach the actual fitness module itself , so you can buy replacement bands to customize the Vivifit2 as you please.

It also has audible reminders for inactivity , so if you are overly lethargic for the past hour, it will prompt you to move by beeping. It will also beep to let you know that you have achieved your daily steps goal. The Vivofit2 has a locking mechanism , which prevents it from randomly falling off.

Garmin Vivoactive is a GPS smart watch and an activity tracker. The Vivoactive activity tracker senses your motion and steps all day long. When outdoors, you can start a GPS enabled workout like walking, running, biking, hiking and many more.

For high intensity workouts like weight lifting, cardio, crossfit, martial arts or yoga, you have the option of wearing an external dedicated Garmin heart rate monitor to track your heart rate for optimal calorie burning information. When paired with your Smartphone, you will receive notifications like text messages, emails, phone calls and any other notification you have set up on your Smartphone.

You can quickly see if there are any upcoming events in your calendar, or look at the weather forecast and even customize your watch face or install new applications on your Vivoactive. All this data is available via the touch-screen color display that uses ambient light for super clear viewing in any lighting situation including darkness by using the built-in backlight when required.

You can get the Vivoctive in black or white colors and there are options to customize the watchband to a different color. Garmin has developed their connect IQ store where you will find downloadable watch faces, applications, data fields, widgets to customize your Garmin Vivoactive.

The Jawbone UP 3 is an activity, sleep and heart rate monitor which looks more like a fashion accessory than a fitness tracker.

The device is adjustable and locks completely around your wrist. It does not have a display but that should not stop it from buzzing to notify you of incoming phone calls and other silent alarms. The LED lights aboard the UP 3 shine blue for sleep, orange for activity and white for notifications.

It tracks your steps, calories burned, distance travelled, sleep and your resting heart rate, which is determined after a few moments after you wake up in the morning.

UP 3 can also track your skin temperature and ambient temperature. Now that Ionic is on sale its getting all the more difficult to choose a Fitbit device. There is a dozen in total to pick from! Charge 2 has been the most popular fitness tracker on the globe since it was launched last year. Choosing the right Fitbit tracker. Here is a run-down that will help you decide. One is a fitness band, the other looks like a watch. Measuring 21mm in width, 12mm in depth and weighting only 36 grams, this is a very lightweight device.

There is a single button on the right hand side which you can use, along with tapping on the display, to cycle through the stats. Ionic, on the other hand, looks very much like the Blaze. So much so, that at first glance its difficult to tell them apart.

But there are a few important differences. While you still get the same square unisex look, the core unit is now built from strong and lightweight series aerospace-grade aluminum. Although it weighs more 50 grams , at 38mm Ionic is slightly narrower than the Blaze. There are three physical buttons on the sides, one on the left and two on the right. In combination with the touch-screen, this allows you to navigate through the display.

Apart from the physical dimensions, the biggest aesthetic difference between Ionic and Charge 2 is in the display. But its tiny compared to the one on Ionic. To compete with the Apple watch, Fitbit has upgraded the screen on its first smartwatch with increased pixels and amplified brightness up to nits. This is as good as it gets in terms of display quality at the moment. In addition to this, Ionic comes with a built-in GPS sensor. The Charge 2 also has access this type of data, but it needs your phone to be in close vicinity as it taps into its GPS readings.

This measures blood oxygen levels and could be used to identify sleep apnea in the future.