Specialized Turbo Ebike Review

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Carb Cycling: The Turbo Cycle

Snel en lekker afvallen met shakes. Waarom Slank met Shakes? Afslankshake Pro gram. Dieet shake Pro gram. De reviews op onze website zijn persoonlijke gevallen. Resultaten kunnen per persoon verschillen en niet voor iedereen gegarandeerd worden. Ondanks de zorgvuldige samenstelling van onze producten kan gewichtsverlies niet voor iedereen worden gegarandeerd.

Een klein percentage van de gebruikers kan met onze producten binnen korte tijd veel afvallen. Fijne smaak, geen hongergevoel. Over ons procentfit is sinds gespecialiseerd in de verkoop van dieet-shakes en afslankcapsules. If you really milk it, you could maybe get a mile range using a very moderate electric assist and pedaling a lot. Range numbers are often exaggerated, because so much depends on rider input and riding conditions when it comes to ebikes. Glossy red with really nice-looking CNC elements.

It is a very beautiful and fancy-looking bike whose fit and finish is second to no electric bike I can think of. Barely any visible wires, with any needed wires running through the frame.

Of course, every high-end electric bike is nice but it all comes down to…is it worth the asking price? Many people will be willing to spend this kind of money because of the quality of this bike and that it has the Specialized name behind it. There is no bigger, better established name than Specialized offering an electric bike in the USA.

I do not believe it is…since both those bikes offer sizable advantages over the Specialized Turbo. My opinion is there is little difference between the way these two bikes perform and handle.

The Stromer comes with a 3 year warranty. Both are high quality bikes. The big plus the Turbo has is…it is somehow a full 15 pounds lighter than the Stromer.

Between these 2 bikes I feel the Stromer will be an easy pick for most buyers. Also, for a fraction of what the Specialized Turbo costs you could build a helluva home build bike if you have those kind of skills. Heck for this price you could pay an expert builder to build the bike for you. A great electric bike, but I feel not worth the money…especially considering recent competition in the Stromer St1 and the Neo Jumper.

I hope Specialized either lowers their prices or upgrades the ebike to make it a better USA competitor bigger battery pack and more powerful geared hub motor. I really believe that Specialized should step back, take another look, and come to market with what they initially intended….

Specialized should take a look at the Audi electric bike for inspiration. Specialized could have done way better and released a real game-changer. As is, I bet this bike makes barely a ripple in the USA ebike market. You can sometimes have 3 of these things in a store-bought bike, but its impossible as of this writing to get all 4.

It is lightweight…and it is super pretty to look at if you want to add that to the list. Specialize has done extensive research and development into a lipo battery that can be safely charged inside the house, another ebike rarity. Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since when he started a square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco.

He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think. The NYX frame kit uses carbon fiber in the construction of the main frame battery compartment, and using this light and strong material makes this frame a. But the technology is at best. If you can design a bike to reduce the traffic of streets, average people will accept it. But this is like virtual bike for most of people in the world.

In the US the Stealth Bomber will end up costing you 10k. Might as well buy a nice motorcycle with your logic. I have put around miles on a Turbo and love it.

My typical commute is 10 hilly miles on the bike and 28 miles on a bus. The Turbo can cover the 10 miles with ft of climb in 25 minutes with an average speed of 24mph. At 38lbs the bike is not hard to load onto the bus. If I skip the bus the Turbo can make the 38 mile trip including ft of climb in 2 hrs.

Look at mikes bikes as a possible retailer to sell it. Does anyone knows where i can find it? I may have missed this in your review, but is the battery removable? Are all of your comparisons to the Stromer the plantinum version? I also wonder how the Bioplanet bike would compare, at least for speed, still waiting of real world info. Yes but the Platinum and the Elite are very similar bikes. In fact the Elite would compare more closely to the Turbo because they have the same speed MPH and it has a smaller battery pack but still larger than Turbos.

I have not heard of any bioplanet bikes in the USA. On the other hand I remember the Busettii bike claims too, lol. Hey ElectricBike, which guy were you at the media event? Lets go riding sometime and I will show you how to crash. So because this is a Pedelec, are there any problems riding this with the law? Has anyone ever had ANY problems with the law? Review says 48 pounds. Comments say 38 pounds. It is 48 pounds. You shouldnt have any problems with the law on this bike.

Thanks for the article. It comes out just as I am building my own Specialized Turbo. I am shocked to see this bikes specs are pretty close to mine: Specialized road frame, watt motor, watt hours. I ride in town on the same tires. Look how light it is too…beautiful finish, super stealth.

My commute is only 4 miles so it would be perfect. Though I think I like the Grace One better. Admittedly, this is one of the best looking ebikes on the market. Thank you for a terrific review of the Turbo bike. Very well thought out and written. I am pounds, and found myself going 25 mph up a steep hill. I was in better control than if I was pumping my road bike. This is a whole new mode of transportation, very exciting. This is what you would expect from a company that specialises in diamond tube road racing and mountain bikes.

It is nice, but completely obvious and boring with very little thoughtful engineering. I love the spec on the GoCycle, but Jeez, is it ugly. Looks like a granny bike. The Specialized on the other hand looks great, stealthy, light, a great crossover between a rideable ordinary bike and a high speed stealthy fun commute. Plus your top speed is 15 mph. Unlike any other production pedelec this thing is actually fun to ride and good looking.

If the range is sufficient for your needs then the small battery is a PLUS. I tried a Stromer once, it was hokey; bad brakes and a soft frame, whereas the Turbo is fun. Just rode the Stromer ST1 today. Crazy fast and easy to ride. Almost felt guilty rocketing by lycra clad guys pedaling hard on carbon road bikes. It will be interesting to see how the Turbo compares to a bike with the Copenhagen wheel when it is available. I would have prefer a geared motor. Much better torque on start up.

Much better at free wheeling. I do a lot of coasting on my Ebike to save battery charge so free wheeling is important. I would take a bike that free wheels over regen motor any day. Specialized is doing a helluva job for the entire e-bike industry. I ride the ST1 Platinum and a really short range of Turbo worries me. Test rode one today — super slick! Power comes on great, very smooth, great handling, great finish. Genuinely feels like you are riding downhill the whole time.

Bought a Turbo S three days ago. Beautiful finish, completely silent, great ride. I commute 3 miles to work each way on it. Free battery upgrade in March from the current ah battery to a ah one. Super rigid frame seems super strong but bumps sure get transmitted…this thing could use suspension. Superb drive system…click it through the gears and run medium pedaling effort and you fly…completely transforms the bike riding experience.

Not sure about the colour though…may go a custom paint job. Been running my Turbo for 3 weeks now. Got it for 6K. Zero problems, can cruise about 18 miles at 25 mph with very little effort. Can hit 28 with a bit of effort. Wonderful adjustable feature on the eco mode — you can set the boost to wherever you like. Set it just right and you get a good high speed workout with loads of range. GREAT handling bike, very quick charge, fantastic lights. I agree the battery is too small.

No rattles or shakes, no power glitches, just very smooth progressive power. I can go over the bridges in NYC at 21 mph uphill where everyone else is doing 8 Whats the specs for the battery? In the review Wh are claimed but on they webbsite Wh is stated.

I guess they updated the model for or??

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