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The directive applies to the wing spars of all Beech T Mentor aircraft. Great climb and cruise with that prop setting and the fuel economy is unbelievable. On their wartime Merlin Vs they effectively cut the crank's free torsional vibration length in half by making the center a node. I can accept that, because I'm sure that Phil and Jon Martin both have IQ's high enough to realize the negative results of this buffoonery--make the Z1 look slow so no one will want to buy them? Also, I wonder if, since it was acquired, if it had ever been flown in icing conditions or if it was ever tested to make sure it was working. According to the FAA's preliminary report, the aircraft's right brake locked, causing the aircraft to skid off the runway and nose over in the grass. The first replica Messerschmitt Me jet see 25 November news item has made its first official test flight, reaching a height of feet.


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Because manufacturers like to control the release of their data so that they can coordinate it with marketing events, you may also find media reports with the EPA estimates or EPA estimates posted on manufacturer websites before we receive the data for posting.

Normally we have new data posted each week by Wednesday or Thursday. Oct 5, Location: New drinking game- take a shot every time fueleconomy. Torenhall , DaveTreharne and pantheman75 like this. Jan 30, Location: EllaJ32 and Chicago like this. Feb 18, Location: Was looking around at the history of this turbo engine and the same motor is found in the Base Alfa Romeo Guilia.

Hopefully better than this, but the JL isn't as aerodynamic as a Guilia. Oct 15, Location: The 4wd trail hawk gets only 1mpg more combined with this engine over the 3. Let's hope the economy boost in the wrangler is a bit more than that!

A top may also be used to demonstrate visual properties, such as by James David Forbes and James Clerk Maxwell in Maxwell's disc see color triangle.

By rapidly spinning the top, Forbes created the illusion of a single color that was a mixture of the primaries: Forbes, which I witnessed in … [established] that blue and yellow do not make green, but a pinkish tint, when neither prevails in the combination…[and the] result of mixing yellow and blue was, I believe, not previously known.

Maxwell took this a step further by using a circular scale around the rim with which to measure the ratios of the primaries, choosing vermilion V , emerald EG , and ultramarine U. Asymmetric tops of virtually any shape can also be created and designed to balance. Gould lists the six main types of tops as the twirler, supported top, peg-top, whip-top, buzzer , and yo-yo. The bully and the named top in the title are challenged by Shepherd's ongoing protagonist Ralph and a so-called "gypsy top" of similar design to Mariah named Wolf.

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A model attribution edit summary using German: Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: This engine has been designed from the outset to be turbocharged, and no naturally aspirated variant has been announced. It will power top-line all-wheel-drive CT6 models only, and output is currently estimated at hp and lb-ft of torque , shaming the primary German competition by at least 20 percent.

Fuel economy is also expected to raise eyebrows, with the combination of cylinder deactivation and auto stop-start contributing a 6-percent boost in fuel economy. Total dressed weight is pounds. The team has earned two dozen patents on these transmissions, which package in the same envelop as the six-speeds they'll replace. The ratio spread first gear ratio divided by the eighth gear ratio is a healthy 7. It features a new "off-axis balanced-vane oil pump," which means that instead of being positioned behind the torque converter, the pump is now integrated into the valve body in the pan.

This makes it smaller and more efficient, and it features two pressure levels to reduce losses during low-output operation. Also improving efficiency is a design that always keeps three of the five clutches engaged open clutches introduce fluid-flow losses.

A new synthetic transmission fluid further improves efficiency, for a total expected fuel-economy improvement of up to 5 percent relative to its six-speed predecessor. The new second-generation transmission controller features seven variable-force solenoids, and three Hall-Effect sensors which team up to help better monitor shifts for improved speed and smoothness.

Finally, thanks to the slightly skinnier transmission, the CT6's AWD transfer case features a two-gear power takeoff, instead of the three-gear setup that used to be used to get the front prop-shaft out far enough to clear the trans.

This design pulls some 5. The system uses a wet multi-plate clutch to route torque forward, and the torque split is variable depending on the drive mode. Who Needs a Ford Raptor?

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