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I love this diet, and feel so healthy on it. The information provided within this site is strictly for the purposes of information only and is not a replacement or substitute for professional advice, doctors visit or treatment. Today is my 18th day and going to progess to cycle 2. Chicken 3x per day and lots of carbs sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, fruit chutney that you aren't allowed in the book. Expect to have lost up to 10 pounds by now. Most recent customer reviews.

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Since much less food is allowed, this places the body not just in a deficit of calories, but also less nutrients due to the loss of many foods.

This initial loss of water will likely return once one reintroduces carbohydrates. This can lead to side effects such as:. This changes from the low calorie planning found in the first phase, alongside a much higher calorie allowance. No clinical studies have shown that metabolism is changed for the better when one reduces and suddenly raises calories. Another 2 to 3 pounds of weight loss are said to be possible. One also introduced better eating habits to stick with in this phase.

Things like portion control are taught. A 17 minute spot reduction workout is offered, which is meant to be a way to target specific areas that have body fat. Though this claim has been disproven according to Examine. The 17 Day Diet claims to be backed by clinical research, but some major claims made have been debunked. A list of the top 10 ranking diet plans is featured in the list found here.

Some occasional cheat meals are allowed on the weekend. This point is intended to help one keep their weight steady. This diet is similar in fact to other low carbohydrate diets which offer quick weight loss. Carbohydrate heavy foods tend to have more calories and are less filing than protein and fats.

This information is not new, and does not prove that the 17 Day Diet is a long term weight loss solution. The top 10 list of the best diets is available when you click the link here. Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake for better results. The kinds of ingredients used are wholesome since only grocery foods that are unprocessed are allowed.

The issue is that the diet itself has not been proven to be any different than any other low carbohydrate diets. The diet also emphasizes spot reduction which also has not been scientifically proven. Other process to consider is the costs for grocery shopping, as meals need to be cooked at home to prepare them the right way.

The creator of the book is Dr. Mike Moreno, a family medicine practitioner. He has no background in nutrition or weight loss.

No evidence is provided to help show that the 17 Day Diet is backed by real research. Research shows which diets made it to the top 10 list that is made available when you click here. The top 10 list of the best diets is available here. This includes not eating processed foods, white and refined grains, sugar, and other unwanted foods. There were also issues with people having it really difficult to keep up with the diet long term, since there are many restrictions and extreme calorie restrictions.

People also added that they regained all their weight when they reintroduced carbohydrates into their diets. A view of the best diets is available in this top 10 list. Many people who used it say they found it to be hard to maintain due to the extreme calorie restrictions in the first 17 days. This 1, calorie limit is not advised to be followed without the help of a doctor, according to health websites. The best diet of the year is called the 18Shake Diet. It offers a combination of two all-natural diet supplements.

A diet pill that raises metabolism with no added stimulants, and a nutritionally well rounded meal replacement that customers say helps suppress appetite, all while having a pleasant taste. Many people have left testimonials and positive reviews saying how effective this diet is for sustained weight loss. This guarantee is offered with no questions asked for a total of 30 days.

Learn more about the 18Shake Diet by following the link provided here. I did t his diet about 8 years ago and lost over 50 pounds.

Several of my family members and friends also lost weight. The information provided here is incorrect. You do not count calories. With about 60lb to lose, I easily lost 11 in the first cycle.

Simple, straightforward and easy to do. I lost 81 pounds on the 17 Day Diet. Safe, fast weight sustainable weight loss. I went from to No more blood pressure meds. Total cholesterol went from to No more cholesterol meds.

Also, no more heart burn meds and no more snoring. I have tons of energy now and feel better. It was easy to follow the diet, I had no cravings and the sugars flush out after a few weeks and your taste buds change for the better.

This diet changed my life and I hope others take my words to heart and give it a try. I have been on the 17 day diet and I'm currently in stage 2. I have never been hungry on the diet and it is very easy to follow. I have lost 25 pounds so far. Lots of energy since losing 25 pounds and I feel much better as time goes by. Common sense yes, but follow and the 5kgs goes before the 17 days!!

Only disadvantage was that I craved carbs half way through, but it was so worth the sacrifice of not incorporating them for the first 17 days. The diet is common sense, and works because of it-- and works fast. The breakdown into cycles help make everything seem much more manageable.

This plan does everything it boasts. We, my husband and I live by it. The Accellerate plan is my favorite. It's healthy and will make you healthy! All of the recipes are delicious! Thank you Dr Mike Moreno. I hope I get to meet you in person one day. I was informed of this diet by a doctor in my family practice office. I tried it and lost 36 pounds in the first two months.

I lost so much weight on this diet along with exercising around 35 hours a week I no longer have the desire to have bariatric surgery, I no longer need to take blood pressure medicine. With this book and a lot of determination, I am taking my life back. Thank you Doctor Moreno! I lost 50 lbs and I think it was a great diet.

If you didn't lose weight on the 17 days then you weren't following it correctly. My husband and I started this diet the 1st of January. It was pretty simple to follow and we both started losing weight within weeks. Its now mid June and we have both lost over 30 pounds each. For me, it came off slowly, but my husband it was rather quick. I love the Dr Mike cookies and the shake with the Kiefer and fruit.

Both of us feel great and really don't miss the added carbs and sugars. We cheat every now and then but have not gained back any weight. I still want to lose another pounds. My BMI is 24 which is normal range.

I am exercising 5 times a week also to help with my overall health and flexibility. It's a great diet and easy to follow. What the actual fuck is this shit? I literally died when i tried this last week. I have been on this diet several times and it works!! It really helps you discipline your habits. And by the second week you have so much energy!!! It lowers cholesterol blood pressure. I have found that it is the best thing that works for me.

I lost 30 lbs in just a month and a half! You see results quick!!!!. I even cheated a couple of days for my birthday and party. It is a very healthy diet. And I will continue eating right! And if you gain a few pounds from vacation or some other occasion just get right back on it!!: There were times I couldn't eat everything. Easy to follow, didn't feel hungry. Unfortunately, I didn't follow the maintenance plan and put weight back on. Had a friend follow it and he kept weight off.

If you want to shed weight, this diet will do it. I did the 17 day 5 years ago. In my life I have struggled with my weight. I'm not obese but can not eat anything g I want. I bought the book about 6 years ago and lost 35 pounds in 2 complete cycles. First thing that had worked for me in years.

I don't know where the calories mentioned above came from. That was not in by book. I ate till I was full of the food you were suppose to eat. Reading the book mentally prepared me for the task at hand. My Skin was clear and glowing , my cholesterol went way down many great health benefits. I will say if you can make it though the first 17 days you can do it! It's tough but so worth it. It is a lifestyle change.

I am going to start again in 2 days. I kept it off for 3 years. I am 52 now and it's harder to maintain weight but I am so looking forward to starting again. I would highly recommend this to anyone considering it and I love the book. I am at the end of cycle 2, and have lost 25 lbs. Granted I'm working out like crazy and I used to eat only junk, but now I look and feel great!! The 17 Day Diet is a weight loss plan available in a book from Dr. His book was born of a weight loss plan he prescribed to his overweight patients, namely as a way to manage the holidays.

Mike, as he is known to his patients, is proactive in helping them manage their health and weight, and even created a program called "Walk with Your Doc" back in Two days a week he and patients meet for a walk to encourage them to exercise and keep the doctor-patient relationship thriving. Phil with a raving endorsement from the doctor. Mike Moreno, otherwise known as Dr. All of the meals are designed by doctors and prepared by chefs. Each week you get seven days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

You will receive the nutrition you need to get results. The meals are tailored to each of the four cycles of the 17 Day Diet plan. The meals are made with the freshest ingredients possible. Your meals will ship automatically at the beginning of each week so that you receive it before you run out of food. You can change or cancel your order at any time. All meals are shipped via FedEx sealed in dry ice. The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan is totally food-based. You will receive meals weekly, delivered to your home.

The meals are in accordance with the four cycles of the 17 Day Diet. If you have certain food allergies or health issues, you can customize your meals to meet those needs. The foods you receive are the perfect portion sizes and you will receive meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

Mixed berry crepe; Philly inspired chicken cheese steak; Pork tenderloin with olive tapenade. There is no exercise information given with The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan since it is a meal delivery plan.

There is a minute daily exercise routine contained in The 17 Day Diet book though, as well as via a workout DVD that you can buy with the book. Click here to preview the 17 Day Diet workout. It allows you to follow the diet without having to do any of the cooking. This is a great option for those that want to follow the diet but may not have the time to prepare their own meals.

The meals you will receive with The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan will allow you to stick with the diet and the different cycles it includes. Being pressed for time is no longer an excuse when you can have meals delivered directly to your door.

Maria Scribellito could send me a copy of the diet list the doctor gave her. The diet is good when followed by the book but my big complaint is that you need to search the web for vegetarian alternatives. Sorry, but I am getting proteined out eating eggs and lean protein 3x per day. Also, maybe my palette is off, but the BistroMD plan does not taste good. It tasted more like hospital food and not restaurant food. Here is my BistroMD feedback: Chicken 3x per day and lots of carbs sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, fruit chutney that you aren't allowed in the book.

Most of the dishes are about g of carb and g of protein and g of fat and g of fiber. It is pretty obvious the foods are not prepared for this diet, they are a subset of the foods on the standard BistroMD diet. So why are we paying more money for a limited version of the existing diet.

For example I received all crepes for breakfast that contained chicken or sausage. You should follow the instructions to defrost the night before or else you will end up with mushy, runny and wet food. Not sure why but you end up with a pool of water in the bottom if you microwave when frozen.

It tasted so much like hospital food that I found myself eating handfuls of greens with it in order to freshen up the meal. Personally I think that frozen Kashi dinners taste much better than these. Chicken and Mushroom Crepes 9 pts Lunch: Roasted Turkey and Fruit Chutney 7 pts Dinner: Grilled Chicken Breast Pomodor 8 pts Day 2: Meditteranean Chicken 6 pts Dinner: I like the diet in general but I recommend you cook the food yourself and also look to interweave vegetarian options if you are feeling proteined out.

In 5 days, I lost 3lbs and my boyfriend lost 7lbs by following the book and preparing meals ourselves. Perhaps the best and easiest diet I've ever did. Lost 35 pounds in 3 months and didn't few hungry at all, also no time to go to the gym. I did order the BistroMd plan since I can't cook a simple egg and I'm still with them, switched to their regular plan though. The food is great and it really works. You don't need to order the food if you can cook, but if you can, it's very practical..

Also they taste like fresh food, not at all like the frozen food you buy at the super market. I lost 42 lbs in 90 days. I started to eat what I wanted again I have only gained 2 lbs in 3 months. I am starting to loose my hair, I am 58 now, is this part of the diet to do so? If you need the food plan from the book , my doctor printed me out a simple meal plan.

I love it and i'm so full afterwards. I am also on social security. I will be happy to share. On the 17 Day Diet, can you have a high protein drink on days that you don't have time to stop and eat? I am a vegetarian.

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