Medifast vs Nutrisystem - Which is the better one to go with?

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Nutrisystem from Best and Worst Weight-Loss Programs (Slideshow)
These encourage dieters to eat low-calorie and low-carb foods. I read somewhere that since we are not taking in much food we don't have to go but a couple of times weekly.. We'll all be doin' the Happy Dance for you Kassilou! This helps in avoiding unhealthy binging at odd hours or between meals. Nutrisystem meals can be ordered online through their official website and are delivered to doorstep with Free shipping. Most of them are not everyday foods.


Nutrisystem Vs Medifast – How Do They Compare?

You will receive your food in business days. The food, which will arrive in styrofoam boxes, will last for four weeks. That's 28 breakfasts, 28 lunches, 28 dinners, and 28 snacks. If you are on the Dinners my Way plan you won't receive dinners. After four weeks, you will receive another shipment. Nutrisystem's Auto-Delivery prices, which are the lowest in the diet food delivery industry, are significantly discounted compared to "One-time Delivery" With Auto-Delivery, Nutrisystem ships your food every 4 weeks until you cancel.

How Nutrisystem Works You pick the plan that fits your lifestyle and you place your order. Healthy snacks are a required treat for anyone on the Medifast Flex plan. Snacks include options you can find at your local grocery store. In addition, a list of condiments lets you decide how to spice up your Medifast meals to keep your diet interesting. Medifast is not a cheap weight loss solution, though its prices are on-par with similar meal plan diets like Nutrisystem. To get a price quote for customized plans, you can speak to Medifast customer service.

Medifast customer support is available by phone, email, and live chat during the following hours:. There is an in-site email form and emails are usually answered within an hour if you contact the support team during open hours. The site also has help pages that include information on various topics, including nutritional information and lists of additional allowed foods.

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She has experience with software and online platforms from multiple projects with high tech firms. Before beginning any new diet plan, we recommend consulting with a physician or other professional healthcare provider.

Results may vary based on various health factors, individual weight loss plans and adherence to the meal plan. In a Nutshell Developed by doctors, Medifast is a weight loss program that consists of prepared meals and snacks delivered to your home. I saw how Medifast worked for my ex-husband so I decided to use it too. I lost ten pounds in under two months. That's not horrible, but it's not what I was hoping for.

But, I feel satisfied with the meals. I follow directions on some of them, and it's inconsistent on how it cooks. I've learned to adjust directions on some of the things, like the amount of water.

Medifast sounded like a good product to help jumpstart a little bit of a diet and exercise program so I used it.

I've known them through word of mouth. It's a bit expensive but not really if you think about it as meal replacement. It helped me start with diet and exercise for a period of time and I lost 8 pounds. The hardest part about it is the mental thing that you have to do to realize you're just eating bars. The first two days were hard, then after three days, it's bizarre. You're just not hungry. However, it's very hard to transition away from it.

It's not a really good transition path and you obviously can't stay on it forever. It is very effective for a short term weight loss, but there's no long term strategy there. I recommend it with caveats. It's helpful to know what are you using it for and is it going to meet your needs. I recommend it depending on what you're trying to do and what your goals are. I purchased Medifast several years ago and my weight came off quick. It helps me achieve weight loss goals. I had more energy as I wasn't so full all the time.

It was satisfying and it helped me to curb my hunger. I liked the bars but I didn't like the mashed potatoes. It just had a weird taste and the consistency was kind of tasty. However, I have a lot of weight to lose, and I'd have to be on it for a long time. It worked but I just can't afford to keep doing it. I was trying to lose weight so I used Medifast.

I order online which is convenient in choosing what I want and I find the shipping cost too high so I try to avoid it. I've tried different things but the food becomes too boring after a while and I don't feel like having it anymore.

They use the bars and there are some meals that I thought tasted horrible. Also, there isn't enough variety and it's hard to keep eating that food.

But it makes me feel full for a while and I lost some weight in the couple of weeks that I've tried it. Overall, my experience is good. When I was on it years ago, I had to get it from the doctor.

I lost 60 pounds then I kept it off for 15 years. I gained some weight back so I figured I would go back on it. I do the treadmill every day, so that helped make it come off faster. I love the food. It's the easiest diet ever because I'm not hungry. I do the 5 then I have a lean and green. When I was on it before with the doctor, I was only having five shakes a day. I survived, so I figured skipping the lean and green once a week is not going to hurt me.

The first week, I felt very tired and I had no energy, but after that, I'm fine. It was my body adjusting to the low calorie. It's an awesome experience. My sons and my husband had done it, too, but my niece and I are ones who did the best on it. My sons stopped because they got very constipated on Medifast. I had a health coach, Helen, and unfortunately she gained back most of what she lost. But we've lost weight and we're happy. In fact, I lost 40 pounds. I did Medifast because I wanted to make sure my sugar level is down and Medifast helped me.

I never had to go on medicine so I was good with that. It took a little while to get used to the diet but I got to the point where the bars were okay. They had a very Vitamin E taste. I was eating the peanut butter once and my niece ate the mint and the chocolate crunch. We would take the brownies and the pancakes and make muffins out of it. Medifast has to make their stuff a little more palatable. I like the Atkins Bars and I have one of those for breakfast.

Those are really good. They have more calories but less sugar than Medifast. My husband had also tried WonderSlim and the food is much better. The bars are much better than everything but they have more calories. Also, Medifast has the amount of calories for men the same as the amount for women.

I told my sons and my husband and they eat extra protein or have extra bars. But I don't do Medifast now. I just make sure that I eat protein and vegetables and stay away from all carbs. I even tried doing Medifast again which took about two weeks and I lost a pound. I followed it and did the treadmill everyday. At this point, I have to do take off the last lbs on my own. I've tried so many diets and didn't stick with them or they weren't for me, so I tried Medifast. They were delicious and made me feel full.

I didn't feel like snacking all the time, but I have to follow it very strictly. I have to stick with it and not waiver. I lost 35 pounds the first time I took it, and it was awesome. I met my goal and I felt better in general because I was exercising more. Their reps were very helpful and friendly. If I had any questions about anything, somebody was always there to help me.

I didn't have to wait 15 minutes on that number and I was very pleased. A lot of people may not be able to do it because it's pricey, but my experience with them was great. My wife's coworker lost a tremendous amount of weight. My wife couldn't help but notice and asked how they did it, and the answer was Medifast.

I've finished using it, and my wife is continuing to use it in a maintenance kind of a format. When we first went on the program we each lost 70 pounds. It was truly transformative. It takes discipline but it works. Our experience was pretty good although, in the ensuing years, I've gained another 20 pounds back. But I can carry that. The first weekend made our head spin a little because of switching from a glucose diet to a ketone.

But once I was over the initial wham bam and I saw that I've lost five pounds in the first week, I felt I could do it.

In the following months, we called food just in time. When we started to feel hungry, it was time for another Medifast. But we were surprised that we did not feel hungry and that was a key. At no time did I feel hungry. The Medifast plan called for Medifast meals or snacks right up to dinner time. And it prescribes an amount of a protein, like seven ounces of chicken and two servings of vegetable on the plan.

But we found that was too much so we split it. We'd have ourselves a piece on lunch. We'd have maybe three ounces of chicken and 1 service of vegetable and the Medifast meal at lunch. Then at dinner, we would have the other half of the chicken and another vegetable or two and it worked out. Food just in time. Medifast took us off of our regular pasta and bread diet. We learned how to eat because it's nice. We still go up and down the grocery store aisles saying "That's poison, that's poison, that's poison" for all the processed foods.

That helps maintain going down the road. Also, my blood pressure came down, and I was approaching diabetic and that reversed. The surge of energy was also a huge benefit.

We go to the dog food store, I have a pound bag of dog food, and then pick up another bag. I would recommend Medifast to anyone and encourage them to commit to do it for at least two or three months. I went on Medifast for a couple of years and I lost 40 pounds in a month. I was happy with that but I've recently put it back on. I have to send it back, and it's going to cost me to send it back.

I haven't been happy with them. I think it does its job when you do it, but I'm having a hard time getting back on it. It's been two years and I forgot. They said, in the next order, I could order what I want, but I've ordered a couple of times before and they wouldn't let me. They said it was a first-time order. I like the chili better than anything. It's not things that I like. The bars are good. I'm just not on that. I'd rather have soup because I'm an old lady. But I'm going to try to get on it.

That was hard for me to do five things. I'm older and I'm diabetic, and I've had some health problems. My coach told me to use two of the lean and green meals. He recommended that but I haven't talked to him since. I decided to do it on my own and see if I can lose weight and keep with it for a while. But I haven't been on it like I should. It would help me a lot if I could order what I want.

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