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Weekends aren't usually bad, but there are times when I'm feeling a little snacky and there's always the monthly cycle. Mary, the woman I placed my order with, never informed me there would be a cancellation fee, and Angela Wolfolk said that they would have to listen to a recording of Mary's and my conversation to make sure that she hadn't warned me of the cancellation penalty. It worked but I just can't afford to keep doing it. I've tried it myself I belonged to Jenny Craig for many years and they were good. Where's the email with the redemption code?

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NutriSystem Beat Earnings, But It Lacks Conviction

Did you or your wonderful doctor actually look at the ingredients? Mainly because they are cheap and taste great. However I recently read the dangers of soy protein and especially sucralose and have stopped taking these all together. My doctor told me that shakes are great but look for more natural ingredients…. Looking at Shakeology and Yoli now. Your email address will not be published. Mauro is admitted to the Bars of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Board of Directors Michael J.

Hagan Chairman of the Board Mr. Hagan has served as non-executive Chairman of the Board since April Hawk Capital Partners, founded in December , is a private equity firm focused on lower middle market businesses. Hagan is a seasoned and successful entrepreneur that has started or turned around three digital-centric businesses over the last twenty-five years. Before joining LifeShield, Mr. Hagan served as Chairman of the Board of Nutrisystem, Inc.

He transformed the business from a struggling weight loss brand into a high performing e-commerce business. Hagan co-founded Verticalnet, Inc. From to , Mr. Hagan held various positions at Merrill Lynch Asset Management. He received a BS from St. Bernstock has served as a Director since December Prior to that, he was self-employed as an independent consultant.

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Herratti has served as a Director since April Herratti is also the Principal of Jay Herratti Ventures where he is an investor and advisor to early-stage ventures. Herratti is an experienced strategic leader and digital expert with extensive experience in managing consumer, b2b, and nonprofit businesses.

Prior to his current position he was the CEO of CityGrid Media, an online media company that connects web and mobile publishers with local advertisers. CityGrid Media owns and operates CityGrid, a local content and advertising network, as well as leading local consumer brands such as Urbanspoon, Citysearch and InsiderPages. I wish I would have found out about others having trouble with this company before I ordered. It is a shame that this company is allowed to stay in business!

Each one of us could not make it past the fourth day. Whe we opened the boxes most of the food was dehryated. I must say we were amazed. Then we tried it. It truly was unpalatiable.

We could not believe all these celebs were advertising this. How much are they paid to lie? The sodium was unbelieveable. In the morning my fingers were swolen like sausages. The eggs dehrydated were something else they swelled in the micro. I had my son take them to school for a science experement. The customer service is not at all accodimating either. They will not return my money after I followed there protocol.

I just got my first order, and I was stunned that stuff like the pizza was "shelf" food I had expected it to be small frozen pizzas. I wonder if their deal with Schwanns makes them send some pizza as frozen and some as the shelf kind? I'm not sure, but I'm a little confused. I will try it for a bit just to see if there are any foods I feel that might be healthy, but I'm not feeling too confident right now. I just had one of the "shelf" flatbread pizzas I'm vegetarian so it's just the flatbread, a sauce and this cheese that comes in a white packet, but isn't refridgerated - I didn't know that kind of cheese didn't need refridgeration of any kind???

The first thing I thought when I bit down was I'm sure they have to put salt in there for preservation and to help bring the flavors out of this shelf type food I like a simple thin crust, real tomatos, and mozzarella cheese I LOVE the convenience of these types of programs I'll bookmark and come back and post again in a week or so.

I too lost weight. But it was from not eating. I tried the system for approximately ten days and lost the same. Ilost because the food tasted horribly and I couldn't eat anything. I maybe found five food items in those ten days that were edible. The rest I had to throw away a majority of the meal. Then when I went to cancel, they still pulled the money from my account stating the the cancel order never went through even though I conveniently had a code they give you to return the food items, which I gladly paid forty dollars of shipping to get it out of my house.

It's been two months and I still have received my refund. Mary, the woman I placed my order with, never informed me there would be a cancellation fee, and Angela Wolfolk said that they would have to listen to a recording of Mary's and my conversation to make sure that she hadn't warned me of the cancellation penalty.

Four unreturned calls to supervisor, Angela Wolfolk, and I still have no money for their mistake of pulling money from my account after I had cancelled or my mistake of ordering in the first place and having to return horrible tasting food.

My wife and I both have been on the system and are now in our fourth order. While the food is not all that bad we have found that NutriSystem has begun to make many substitutions. I found that by cooking the eggs in a fry pan with some red onions and a little pepper, then eating them in a whole wheat tortilla made them palitable, they have now discontinued them which they failed to notify me or any other customer that I know. I don't mind the Egg Frittata and had I had my choice I would have substituted those but I didn't have a choice.

Last order, prior to shipping" my wife and I moved. I updated the address online but the order was shipped to my old address. Fortunately we were still moving stuff from the old house and we were able to pick up the 2 boxes. I called to make sure that NutriSystem did in fact have my new address and they did.

Not sure why they shipped to my old address. After unpackaging the order I found that I was short a dinner. I called and spoke to someone in India and they assured me that a replacement would be sent right out. I got an email confirmation and noticed that the address was incorrect. I called and spoke to someone in customer service who told me to allow 2 weeks from the ship date. After the two weeks when I still hadn't received the dinner I call once again.

I spoke to a customer service rep who advised that they would ship again and also confirmed that they had the correct address. I got the email confirmation and the meal was mailed to the old address once again. The long and the short of it is this: While NutriSystem started out fine, sent the items we ordered, they have begun to make more and more substitutions of unlike items and can't seem to get their shipping streight.

While both of us have lost weight the aggrivation of having to contact them continuously and not get the items that we ordered and are able to eat has made it not worth while. I would not recommend NutriSystem because of the reasons stated above and if after you read this you decide to give them a try, don't me disappointed when they make substitutions that you don't like and when they short orders and don't make good on the shortages.

Okay, I don't really understand why people would use Nutrisystem instead of simply buying either the frozen dinners most of those range from calories - calories or using the "shelf stable" dinners that heat up in 2 minutes.

Why are people throwing their money away in this manner? Let me tell you, I was going to order today. After reading all these consumers complaints, how are they still in business? I am so thankfull for sites like these, so we can all learn from the unfortunate mistakes of others being ripped off and treating VERY badly. Not only here, but if you go to consumeraffairs. People have been overcharged, ignored, yelled at, lied to, and been substituting powered food for other foods.

These are probably the foods that many are sending back to them and they need to get rid of them.

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