Indicators for the Global Monitoring Framework on Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition

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Types of Surveillance Systems
This paper presents a complete proposal of the core set of indicators that can be used at global and country levels, a proposal on the extended set of indicators and provides background for the proposed choices, as requested by the consultation with Member States and UN Agencies in October These factors are not present in many households in the world. The reason was usually the lack of precision of the anthropometric measurements or of the definition of age, and occasionally a sampling problem. The Florida Department of Health DOH is aware that documents purportedly originating from DOH requesting information of a sensitive nature have been received by members of the public. Geneva , World Health Organization, It has been estimated, however, that countries with fewer than 25 health-care professionals counting only physicians, nurses and midwives per 10 population fail to achieve adequate coverage rates for selected primary health care interventions that are priorities in the Millennium Development Goals.

24 November 2014

NLiS Country Profile: India

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Nutrition Landscape Information System (NLiS)