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Anyone thinking of going to the Ottawa Hospital for gastric bypass surgery--think again! Originally in , I had been referred to Hamilton for the surgery. After waiting approximately a year,…. When I first mentioned having gastric bypass surgery done to my family physician in Canada, he didn't know the first thing about how to begin the process.

I was originally on a list in Hamilton and waited at least 1 year before Ontario came up with more money and my name was sent to Ottawa. I want to have lap band surgery, but at a public clinic.

I understand in Alberta the surgery is covered by Health Care. I don't know how I am…. Not worth the money!!! I have been diagnosed with liver disease and the only way to repair it is to lose weight. I have fought my weight all my life so I am scared. Im 27 years old and looking into surgery. I have pseudo tumor cerebri. Which means false tumor of the brain. So far the only cause they know of is high…. Click here for more information. Bariatric Surgery in Canada. Chris Cobourn Last Updated: Click here to find a top weight loss surgeon in Canada Find a Top Surgeon.

Click to Close This Section. Insurance may pay for you to have gastric bypass surgery outside of your province, although most provinces will not cover any expenses other than the surgery itself. Finance bariatric surgery on your own and receive treatment in a private facility. Following are the insurance weight loss surgery and wait time details by province.

Complication Rates Province Procedures covered by health insurance Estimated waiting time at public facilities Will province pay to have treatment elsewhere? Most surgeons offer self-pay discounts or payment plans. Some offer discounts if you pay the total amount you owe in advance. Same Surgeon, Different Hospitals. Some surgeons operate at more than one hospital. Hospital costs make up the biggest part of the bill, so find out if your surgeon has a choice. Some surgeons include pre-op costs in their quoted fees.

Pre-op costs include things like testing and office visits. Complications, should they arise, may increase total costs. Find out who will pay if one arises during surgery. Some surgeons will include the cost of any complications in their quote while others will charge extra. The full list of financing options to make surgery more affordable include click here for more information: Click here to contact a top weight loss surgeon to discuss your loan options For more information about each of these options, click here.

Weight Loss Surgery Is Tax Deductible Canada is generous compared to other countries when it comes to medical tax deductions.

Even if the procedure you choose is covered by insurance, you can still deduct your: Out-of-pocket expenses Monthly insurance premium.

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