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Take a delicious jump into body and soul because the goddess of your choice mixes ancient eastern concepts with nurturing caress and exquisite massage. Play Therapy Specialized area of therapy utilizing play activities, toys, games, art, as a way of accessing non-verbal subconscious difficulties, feelings or concepts. Massage may be offered in the salon for one hour or half hour treatments, treatments may also be described as back massage, stress massage, all being adaptations of a Swedish body massage. Pharmacotherapy has been inadequate in alleviating the motor dysfunctions. Serotonin antagonism may also play a role in the effectiveness of ziprasidone, but the significance of 5-HT2A antagonism is debated among researchers. Axe on Twitter 7 Dr. Yoga Therapy "Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga.

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A genuine shift may occur, however, when the frontal lobes sustain damage. The frontal lobes play an essential role in regulating emotion, decision making and judgment. Strokes that affect the frontal lobes can lead to a range of problems, such as apathy or emotionalism an overflow of emotion without necessarily feeling that emotion.

A stroke that hits the cerebellum can also trigger a personality shift. This brain region is vital to many aspects of executive function. Damage here can bring about disinhibition, which often manifests as inappropriate behavior. Surveys suggest such changes occur rarely, but the frequency may be underreported.

They might arise if a person has experienced a mild frontal lobe impairment that has led to a small increase in apathy and less anxiety.

A slight loss of inhibition may also explain why a stroke victim might begin to experience more positive emotions. Yet personality changes after a stroke could have nothing to do with afflicted brain areas. Serious illness often leads people to reevaluate their priorities in life and change their attitudes toward others. I hope this training shows us the upside of learning about our brain and nervous system as it is what has kept me going since I was a young child.

I find this over and over again with vets. The military provides a family that some of these soldiers never had. It can be a great healing advantage when they come home from service.

The work once started can provide them hope and not just a bandaid on their physical scars. My brain inside has scars that will never go away but I need to work around the area and walk again. The brain is so versatile but needs the direction. It is about what the client is ready and able to do. I think I had a misconception that a patient could just take a martial arts course, or do theatre and that in itself would rewire the brain.

For instance, that moment before a person walks on-stage, they feel their heart pounding, sweaty palms, huge fright and realize those are the same feelings they had when they had to testify against their dad in court. I was terrified and I did it and it was ok. I can do that again. Then their new experience, even with the intense feelings of fear, is a success. Perhaps there is fear of intimacy and a client, tho terrified of betrayal, trusts and opens up to their therapist, and it works.

Or perhaps they argue back, although in the past, that resulted in a terrible beating. There is a moment when a client is facing a familiar and paralyzing fear within a new situation -similar to the trauma -and then they can have an experience that is a game changer.

Would experiencing the terror of what happened before and contradicting that with a related but different experience, with a different outcome, be necessary? I suppose van der Kolb was jesting about Dutch influence on American martial skills. Obviously Americans were British before they were Americans and learned their trade from the British. There is something to the fact that Washington was denied an officers position in the British army while lesser Colonials were accepted that spurred him on to a learn his craft in a most deadly manner.

I simply was giving the good doctor the benefit of the doubt because he said that Americans learned their martial abilities from the Ducth. I think it is self evident he means the colonialists and since he is obviously of Dutch origin he was being facetious stating that the Dutcht taught the colonists to fight in a military fashion.

The Dutch did help us with a generous loan when Washington started to become successful only because the French joined the cause but before that they turned down John Adams when he begged them for a loan at the beginning of the revolution. I wish everyone blessings and a non-traumatized life. I think of this with phobic patients who, when able over time to better tolerate the exposure to their fear through exposure, have a new sense of freedom.

Experiential therapy has always been my go-to therapy. Having clients do something they are slightly afraid of, very slightly at first, like running fast down a long set of stairs, builds resilience and a new experience in the body. So far I am not hearing reference to the claim of a cutting edge psycho-spiritual neurological discovery, that it is the heart that knows, full five seconds before the brain. My understanding is that the brain is the projector, the heart the film, so to speak!!??

Like to hear your comments. I thought Bessel might mention how effective for trauma it was when returning warriors were greeted with drum playing and dancing. Thank you very much. I have a client survivor of severe trauma who needs to do things beyond her endurance so she knows in her gut that she can still survive. She does endurance swimming and also does this at work. The swimming is therapeutic to her, while obstructionist at work is more of a reenactment of the trauma.

The information in this film is very affirming of the work we are doing, while putting a clear framework around it for me! Thanks Bessel and Ruth! For me, it depends on the client and the complexity of their trauma. In some cases, I rely on the arts—music, drama, painting. For others, a more physically demanding approach like martial arts, runnjing, gymnastics, skating works best.

Still others prefer things like yoga and meditation and tai lkchi. Thank you Ruth and Bessel for your fascinating and nice short insights. They have helped me to more or less complete a nagging jig-saw! I should explain that many years ago I discovered, as it were by chance, how to relax and ultimately cure my years of persistent lower back pain apparently untreatable without risky surgery.

And worse, for those professionals, when I casually demonstrated my simple relaxation protocol to anyone who would listen, it often led on to immediate relief and apparent cure for a wide variety of so-called incurable musculoskeletal cases, as well as phobias and infertility. I should add that I am in fact an engineer-physicist and I have gradually put together a theory comprising loss of a loved one, or a loved situation, into a mind-body-brain jig-saw — thanks to many free NICABM reports and parallels with my own observations.

So, as ever, thank you dear Ruth and Bessel again. Tom Lucas, London, England. I have a chronic pain condition due to neck vertebrae damage, and have also had lymphoma affecting my neck, thyroid and optic nerve. I have always been interested in the fact that a lot of my pain is in my neck region and wondered what the psychological root of that might be. Of course I have also experienced my own fair share of grief and loss in life. I think you are right to see a metaphoric connection, Julia.

While my healing team and I have made enormous progress, the area of pain that is still holding out is one of the spots where I was traumatized and hit most frequently as a child. The other area is also where I was repeatedly hit for speaking up against the injustice of my existence. Thus, I am approaching it from this standpoint and working for release on multiple levels. I hope you will find relief as well!

Hi Anya, My sister sounds like she has a similar story to yours. I am looking for help everywhere for her and I wondered if you might share some information about who your team has been and what has helped you. Hello, Karen, Sure, I would be willing to share what has helped me.

I am not a professional Lyme expert, so it is intended only as information, not diagnosis or anything official. Healing from Lyme is not an off-the-rack kind of thing, so it requires taking what resonates and working with that, then tweaking as you make progress.

I say that because I know hearing those words spoken casually during one of the talks given by a Lyme expert gave me hope in a powerful way. I am thinking that in this forum is probably not the best place, but I would be happy to email you if you wish to share an address. I also believe it can be healed. My email is jan jankingston. Not sure if they blank out emails like Google can sometimes do.

Is your simple relaxation protocol proprietary? Or is it something available for everyone to look into? As some of the comments here have noted, using military tactics to heal trauma really does work.

Granted, not for everyone, but there have been many cases where abuse victims have pushed themselves to the limits, and have seen excellent results. These are essentially approaches without actual communication. In my practice, i utilize yoga with clients as a way to establishing healthy connections between the brain and the body through the breath.

Yoga also assist clients who tend to dissociate, integrate or come back into the body. It has proven extremely helpful for those women who adopt yoga as a daily practice. A great yoga teacher may not be pushy. But I know Feldenkrais specifically has an exploratory and self-accepting view. I went from having fibromyalgia much later diagnosed as Lyme with a lot of pain and unable to use my body, to becoming a runner, on no medications for pain only thyroid and hormones and running half-marathons and a marathon.

I know not everyone wants to run, and that is not necessary. The idea is to incrementally expand your capacity at a pace that your brain wants to allow. Where people go with that is different. Nervous system benefits and flexibility of what you do with it. And a Feldenkrais teacher could help you find ways to get to the floor without hurting your knees. Lessons can also be done in sitting.

This is so true! Many of my sexual abuse survivor clients have gone on to enter Spartan races where they are pushed to their maximum and have maintained miraculous recovery. It makes me wonder how many of the sexually acting out clients or workaholic clients are striving to master what a grueling physical competition might change….. This is how the military trains people for combat. The problem I saw in my work with the USMC is that it is the only means of training for trauma they glorify physical.

When this meets real trauma, combat is out of control, the shame of responding to something previously believed to be mastered is devastating in its shame. The work on men and shame is vital to helping our military heal. This is particularly true when they leave the military, the glue that held the belief system together. We must find ways to reprogram these people is a way that speaks to their skills! Thank you for your work, making a huge difference.

Very succinct and informative observation Gail, thank you! I wrote a comment a little before yours and I question whether idealizing Roman soldiers can in anyway be a useful example of how to heal the limbic system. I would agree as a first step, especially for those inclined to like physical contact, physical conditioning is one source or relieving the stress of frozen trauma. On the other hand, it is a temporary release and not corrective solution. This is why I disagree with Dr.

You better watch some docus on how soldiers are trained in the USA for combat. Bootcamps for young people training them in similar ways have already been met with courtcases with accusations of serious abuse. I have used these ideas for many years now.

I choreograph dance through active imagination in movement. A dance that is empowering is Flamenco. It empowered Roma to express their power against oppression. I wrote about these ideas in my book, Dance of Psyche, copyright I really like the way Bessel talks about resetting the body after trauma. Oh, what a mess, I commiserate with you! We run up against the brutality of the system in CPS every day! They have now hired us. We work to alleviate increased trauma to bio parents and their children in foster care by creating nurturing and supportive environments for visitations.

We also designed and teach a curriculum for parent education that is based on the knowledge that most of the parents have trauma themselves, and therefore it begins with building trust through safety and relationship with them. Slowly we are learning and educating others in the system about how to treat people with trauma. It is certainly an uphill battle, but it is working! We are seeing families reunited with healthy behaviors AND those unable to parent recognize it and are more willing to TPR, instead of fighting through the courts and their kids languishing in the system.

We have learned that change takes time, is not linear and applies to people, families, and systems, too! Thank you ,as always for your succinct ,helpful tools and understanding on the brain and body knowledge and connections.. I am new to this work. I am not a therapist. I am a court specialist working to bring understanding of trauma into the operations of drug courts and mental health courts and veterans courts. I advocate and provide consultation and training to help judges and other members of the court team understand the often profound histories of trauma of the participants in these problem-solving courts.

While we try to obtain actual trauma specific treatments for our participants as part of the overall treatment plan they are engaged in, I am working to change some of the direct practices and approaches employed in the court interactions with participants.

I am wondering if changes in the experiences that our participants have with the justice system and with particular members of that system, who are persons of authority and power, can be a part of the new experiences that can rewire the brain, impact the predispositions from the limbic system. My efforts are specifically directed at improving the retention rate of participants to the point of completion of the drug or other problem-solving court program, which in turn has a positive impact on their future offending behavior.

In addition, I am working with a program called Phoenix Multisport that works with persons with substance use disorders through sober physical or other creative recreational activity, to sustain recovery. Perhaps a means of limbic system treatment?

Norma, your work is very important. I know of one young man in particular struggling with mental health issues who routinely experienced violence from police officers upon arrest as a young offender and later an adult causing a lot of confusion for him as he grew up with respect to the concept of respecting authority. He moved out of the area in which he once lived and has experienced more respectful interactions with other police services under a variety of circumstances and has developed the perspective that not all police officers view him the same way.

He has though never returned to his home city as he is terrified of the same abuse of authority and harm to his body. Van Der Kolk idealizes and romanticizes military and martial arts as a way to heal trauma and to make an individual stronger and more resilient. I wonder how much military and martial arts trauma this man has experienced? The best way is the a warrior of the heart not a warrior of the body. I once told him personally about having a Kundlini experience that fills me with white soothing and healing energy.

He basically said my cerebellum was screwed up. For a two year period I trained six out of seven days a week doing par-course. From the ages of 12 to 18 I was intensely trained by college all stars and professionals learning the fundamentals of basketball I can tell you unequivocally this is not the way to heal the limbic system because I still suffered from clinical depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

I thought this fellow was supposed to be the foremost expert on PTSD? Who are the people who suffer most from PTSD? Crises First Responder Therapist. Awareness, consciousness and allowing Flow The energy heals. If one test positive for any of the Mycoplasmas, in order to safeguard those with whom you have close contact, it would be prudent to do the following: Wash your hands a lot, never share your food or drink with another, wash eating utensils with extremely hot water, keep your hands away from your face, avoid closed-air spaces where air is re-circulated i.

The infection may need to be treated for several months or years. The disease is treated much as Lyme's Disease is treated. If a person is taking antibiotics, the testing will not detect the presence of Mycoplasma in the blood. And, if a person has been taking antibiotics, they must wait for months after stopping the antibiotics for the test to be accurate.

As yet, we do not know if antibiotics are a cure for Mycoplasma infections. Mycoplasma fermentans incognitus has the ability to enter any cell and alter itself, changing its cellular makeup with every cell division. This may make it impossible for readily available antibiotics to clear the body of this organism.

To do that, we need to kill as much of the live organisms from our bodies as possible with the antibiotics. Once our white blood cells are free of the infection, then they can become healthier and can, hopefully, do a better job to keep the Mycoplasma under control.

During this time, it is important to not lower the dose or stop taking the antibiotic too early, for a relapse is certain. That is a possibility. They have been doing extensive research into the various forms of human herpes and their effects on the body.

But, when activated possibly by the Mycoplasma infection , it can cause a highly dysregulated immune system often resulting in severe immune suppression which increases an individuals vulnerability to control severe infections such as Mycoplasma.

Perhaps, if HHV-6 were a co-factor of our disease along with Mycoplasma , it would appear to be best to be tested and treated for both concurrently, if one is found to be positive. While the researchers sort out the chicken-or-the-egg, one-organism-one disease, multi-factor theories, it seems prudent for us to test for and consider treating the organisms that we can. Especially when, in the case of Mycoplasma, a few simple antibiotics can bring us so much relief!

In the case of a positive test for HHV-6, the antiviral Zovirax may be helpful, and the FDA will soon release a new drug, called Labucavir that may be effective against the Human Herpes Virus family, specifically. However, it is still in the testing phase and is not yet available. It can also account for most of the dysregulation of the immune system and the abnormal immune tests.

It seems prudent to be tested for this organism, and if positive, to be treated with the recommended antibiotics. Many of us have been ill for years and have spent thousands of dollars on treatments that did nothing.

Wouldn't it be a Godsend to have a treatment that worked? The treatment course is long term and often difficult for many. And, while we may not become completely well, there is preliminary evidence that many of us who are taking the antibiotics are improving!

Lo, Shyh-Ching, Patent This antibiotic acts by inhibiting microorganism protein synthesis, it is readily absorbed by the normal gut, and peak blood concentrations are maintained between hours half-life hours after an oral dose of drug.

Food, calcium, magnesium and antacids reduce absorption, and alcohol, phenytoin [Dilantin] or barbiturates reduce blood half-life. Initially, doxycycline initially exacerbates symptoms Herxheimer reactions or adverse antibiotic responses, such as transient fever, skin, gut discomfort, etc.

Patients usually start feeling better with alleviation of most major signs and symptoms within weeks, but in some patients major symptoms are not alleviated until the second 6-week course. Severe reactions or prior damage to the gastrointestinal system may require I. Some react to the starch filler in the capsules and must use Doryx, a granular form of doxycycline. Virtually all patients relapse show the same major signs and symptoms after the end of the first and second 6-week course of therapy, and these can be run together without a pause.

In some cases doxycycline has been used successfully with other antibiotics in situations where either antibiotic alone appeared to have minimal effect for example, doxycycline in combination with Ciprofloxacin.

Doxycycline is primarily bacteriostatic and effective against the following organisms: Avoid direct sunlight and drink fluids liberally. Doxycycline therapy may result in overgrowth of fungi or yeast and nonsensitive microorganisms see Other Considerations.

Patients on anticoagulants may require lower anticoagulant doses. Patients with impaired kidney function should not take doxycycline, and the following drugs should not be taken with doxycycline: For fungal and yeast complications, please see the instructions under. Other Considerations at the end of this handout. In a few patients doxycycline causes gastrointestinal irritation, anorexia, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, rashes, mouth dryness, hoarseness and in rare cases hypersensitivity reactions, hemolytic anemia, skin hypersensitivity and reduced white blood cell counts.

In general, doxycycline is considered a safe drug, in that there are few adverse reactions reported in the literature.

Ciprofloxacin is secreted rapidly in the urine and has a half-life in the blood of about 4 hours. Ciprofloxacin may or may not be taken with meals. Ciprofloxacin has been used in patients in which doxycycline cannot be tolerated or in some patients that no longer respond to doxycycline.

In a few cases Ciprofloxacin has been used simultaneously with doxycycline, but the usual course is one type of antibiotic alone. Herxheimer reaction, if present, usually passes within a few days to 2 weeks or so; prior damage to the gastrointestinal system may require I.

Virtually all patients relapse show the same major signs and symptoms after the end of the first or second 6-week course of therapy.

Additional cycles of antibiotic result in milder relapses after drug is discontinued. Subsequent cycles of antibiotics may require the use of doxycycline or other antibiotics instead of Ciprofloxacin.

Ciprofloxacin is effective against the following organisms: Direct sunlight is to be avoided, and patients should not take Ciprofloxacin and theophyline concurrently. Ciprofloxacin therapy may result in drug crystals in the urine in rare cases, and patients should be well hydrated to prevent concentration of urine.

Pregnant women and children should not use this drug due to reduction in bone and cartilage development. Small numbers of patients have experienced hypersensitivity anaphylactic reactions which have required immediate emergency treatment. This class of drug acts by binding to the 50S ribosomal subunit of susceptible organisms where it interferes with protein synthesis. Food decreases absorption rate, but absorption is unaffected by antacids containing magnesium, aluminum or other salts.

Azithromycin should not be taken with meals 1 hour before or 1 hour after. Initially, azithromycin may exacerbate some symptoms but these are usually gone within a week or so. Patients usually start feeling better with alleviation of most major signs and symptoms within weeks, but in some patients major symptoms are not alleviated until the second 6 week course. Azithromycin has been used in patients in which doxycycline cannot be tolerated or in some patients that no longer respond to doxycycline.

Herxheimer reactions are rare and usually pass within a few days to a week or so. Azithromycin is effective against the following organisms: Azithromycin is principally absorbed by the liver, and caution should be exercised with patients with impaired liver function. Antacids containing magnesium, aluminum or other salts should not be taken at the same time of day with azithromycin. Macrolides and terfenadine Seldane or astemizole Hismaral may dangerously elevate plasma antihistamine and cause arrhythmia's and increase serum theophyline levels in some patients, particularly those receiving methylated xanthine causing nausea, vomiting, seizures.

Plasma levels of carbamazepine Tegretol can also be elevated, leading to carbamazepine toxicity and nausea, vomiting, drowsiness and ataxia. This class of drug acts by binding to the 50S ribosomal subunit of susceptible organisms and interfering with protein synthesis. The drug is mostly bacteriostatic but high concentrations can be bactericidal. Clarithromycin should not be taken with meals 1 hour before or 1 hour after. Initially, Clarithromycin may exacerbate some symptoms due to Herxheimer reaction and bacterial death but these are usually gone within a week or so.

Clarithromycin has been used in patients that do not respond to doxycycline or in patients that cannot tolerate doxycycline. Herxheimer reactions usually pass within a few days to over a week or so. Clarithromycin is effective against the following organisms: Yeast's, fungi and viruses are resistant. Clarithromycin is principally absorbed by the liver, and caution should be exercised with patients with impaired liver function.

Antacids containing magnesium, aluminum or other salts should not be taken at the same of day as azithromycin. Macrolides should not be used with cyclosporin Sandimmune. Adverse antibiotic responses were mild to moderate in clinical trials and included diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain. Other [Important] Information see Additional Considerations General vitamins plus extra C and E and general mineral supplements are also useful, but not at the same time of day that antibiotics are taken because minerals can affect the absorption of the antibiotics.

Some zinc supplementation is recommended. L- cysteine supplementation has been proposed but should not be taken at the same time as minerals. Antibiotics can result in yeast overgrowth, especially in female patients. Gynecologists recommend Nizoral, Diflucan, Mycelex, or anti-yeast creams for women on antibiotics. In some cases, simultaneous use of metronidazole Flagyl, Prostat have been used to prevent fungal and parasite overgrowth or antifungals Nystatin, Amphotericin B, Fluconazole have been administered for fungal infections that can occur while on antibiotics.

To replace bacteria in the gastrointestinal system yogurt, Lactobacillus acidophillus tablets are recommended. In some patients 'organic' food has been beneficial. Caffeine should be avoided. Augmentin can be taken concurrently with the other antibiotics, if necessary.

They appear to be useful after antibiotic therapy. A few are mentioned below, and some product examples are given. The Institute for Molecular Medicine is a nonprofit institution and does not endorse commercial products. The products mentioned below are only examples of the types of substances that could be beneficial to patients.

Consult with your physician. We usually recommend to physicians that antibiotics doxycycline, ciprofloxacin, Biaxin, minocycline, azithromycin be given for several 6 week cycles with 2 week cycles of Augmentin in between or concurrently, if needed. This period usually passes within weeks.

During recovery, which is often slow and can take over a year with ups and downs in your condition, a number of additional nutritional and immune problems must be considered. Drink as much fresh fluids as you can, lots of fruit juices or pure water are best. Try to avoid high sugar and fat foods, such as military MRE or other fast foods and acid-forming, allergen-prone and stressing foods or junk foods. Increase your intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and grains, and decrease your intake of fats and eliminate simple or refined sugars that can suppress your immune system.

To build up your immune system cruciferous vegetables, soluble fiber foods, such as prunes and bran, wheat germ, yogurt, fish and whole grains are useful. In some patient's exclusive use of 'organic' foods have been beneficial. Unfortunately, illnesses like GWI result in poor absorption. Therefore, high doses of some vitamins must be used, and the gut oral capsules cannot easily absorb others, such as vitamin B complex.

Sublingual under the tongue natural B-complex vitamins in small capsules or liquids such as Total B, Real Life Research, Norwalk, CA, should be used instead of oral capsules that are swallowed.

General vitamins plus extra C, E, CoQ, beta-carotene, folic acid, bioflavoids and biotin are best. L-cysteine, L-tyrosine, L-carnitine and malic acid are reported by some to be useful. Minerals should not be taken at the same time of day that antibiotics are taken because the minerals can affect the absorption of certain antibiotics. Antibiotic use that depletes normal gut bacteria and can result in over-growth of less desirable bacteria.

To supplement bacteria in the gastrointestinal system yogurt and especially Lactobacillus acidophillus tablets are recommended. A human bowel culture, Replete Interplex has proven useful to restore natural gut flora. These have been used to boost immune systems. They appear to be useful during therapy to boost the immune system or after antibiotic therapy in a maintenance program to prevent relapse of illness.

In some cases, use of metronidazole Flagyl, Prostat have been used to prevent fungal or parasite overgrowth or other antifungals Nystatin, Amphotericin B, Fluconazole, Diflucan have been administered for fungal infections that can occur while on antibiotics. As described above, L. Bacterial overgrowth can also occur, for example, in between cycles of antibiotics or after antibiotics have been stopped.

Some exercise Please don't over do it! A common problem when recovering from this illness is over-exertion followed by relapse! The main problem here is to adjust your exercise level to help the recovery process without causing a relapse. Dry saunas help rid the system of contaminating chemicals, and saunas should be taken at least X per week--moderate exercise, followed by min of dry sauna and tepid shower. The sauna can be repeated, by not more than two per day.

The idea is to raise body temperature enough to work up a good sweat, eliminating chemicals without placing too much stress on your system. For recovery after exercise and to decrease muscle soreness, some use a Jacuzzi or hot tub, but only after a sufficient cool-down period.

Don't get overheated in the process. These suggestions for treatment should be shared with your physician to help with your plan of care. Antibiotics recommended by Dr.

Garth Nicolson are all at a very high dosage. He recommends starting with Doxycycline. But, if you are chemically sensitive, Ciprofloxacin may be the first antibiotic of choice.

Oral administration works well for most patients, but a few highly sensitive individuals may need to have an initial two week course of antibiotics given intravenously. Minocycline is what most people have used for an I. If you start with I. You will need the usual dose twice a day for at least the first two weeks.

Also, there are home I. Garth Nicolson's first study group took the antibiotic in 6-week cycles. They then stopped for a while to determine if the antibiotic was a cure. All in all, that is six cycles of 6 weeks each for a total of 36 weeks or nine months treatment. Therefore, based on the decreasing percentages of relapses in this first study, many of us have decided that a cycle should be longer than 6 weeks.

Many have even taken the antibiotic continuously for a year or more, with excellent results. Doxycycline seems to cross the blood-brain barrier better than other antibiotics on the list, so if your predominate symptoms are neurological, you may want to start with this one. It is also the Nicolson's first drug of choice. The enteric-coated tablet seems to be less troublesome than the capsules. Less gastro-intestinal as well as, Herxheimer symptoms are reported with the enteric-coated tablets.

But, a dry cracker taken before taking the Doxycycline can also be helpful for the slight nausea experienced. Shades of morning sickness revisited! The first two or three weeks of the treatment will be the most difficult in terms of symptoms. You will definitely feel worse before you feel better! Although you may want to stop the treatment, try to hang in there. If you feel worse at first, it is really a good sign!! It means that the organisms are dying.

As the antibiotic kills the organisms, they produce a toxin, which stimulates our already over-active immune system. This reaction is called Herxheimer, and is discussed below. Do not take antibiotics at the same time as minerals such as those found in vitamins and antacids.

Also, do not drink alcohol at any time while taking antibiotics. It has been found that minerals and alcohol may decrease the absorption and effectiveness of the antibiotic. While we are blazing new trails with this treatment, we need to do whatever works for each of us, individually, because there is no set course or "tried and true" recommendations for treatment, yet.

When most of your symptoms are gone, we are not certain if one is "cured" or the organism is reduced in enough numbers for the immune system to keep it under control. Therefore, a periodic cycle or a maintenance low dose of antibiotics may be necessary for months or years. Try to avoid those things that can cause a relapse.

The most common things are: Otherwise, those things that weaken the immune system and consequently allow the Mycoplasma to reactivate. During this time, it is important to support your immune system. The dead organism triggers the immune system to respond to toxins given off in the dying process. Since our immune system is already overactive, the cytokine production will be stimulated.

The already elevated cytokines such as interferon, interleukin, tumor necrosis factor, etc. So, when they are stimulated even higher by the die-off, all of our usual symptoms will worsen. Symptoms that are associated with a Herxheimer are the following: You may want to plan on doing nothing for the first week or two of treatment.

Also, keep plenty of pain medications on hand, arrange for a massage therapist, have a Jacuzzi handy, and alert the family that you will need plenty of rest, space, and tender loving care during this time.

If the Herxheimer is too severe, many people have eased the symptoms with Whole Lemon-Olive Oil Drink see recipe below. Taken every day, this drink helps the lymph glands to filter and move the dying organisms. Drink at least two quarts of fresh, filtered water every day to flush the organisms from the body. When the "good" bacteria is wiped out, then another form of organism can flourish.

The most common organism to flourish when we are treated with long-term antibiotics is yeast with Candida being the most frequent. Yeast's normally reside in the gastro-intestinal system, from the mouth to the anus, and in the vagina. But, its overgrowth is kept under control by the resident "good" bacteria that also reside with it. Nearly everyone on long-term antibiotic therapy will have a yeast infection at some point in time!

In addition, those with CFIDS seem to have an immune dysregulation that hampers control of the growth of yeasts. There are two forms of yeast, the spore-form and the mycelial-form.

The spore-form only infects the lining of the mucous membranes, but the mycelial-form will go deeper into the tissues, and become systemic. If one only limits simple sugars and starches in the diet in an attempt to control the spore-form of Candida, it will become a protein-loving organism, and change into the mycelial-form, going deeper into the tissues in search of protein.

Therefore, one should treat yeasts with medications and diet limit simple sugars and starches. An overgrowth of yeast in the mouth and throat will often cause the tongue to become coated with a white or yellowish growth and the throat may become sore. An overgrowth of yeast in the intestinal tract will ferment the sugars and starches in our food, forming acids, gas, and alcohol. Yeasts also produce enzymes that digest proteins and fats in order to attach themselves to the gut mucosa lining.