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An Open Letter to Simple Habit: Can You Really Rip-Off Other Startups Mindfully?
Because of this, infrared saunas are actually cooler than traditional saunas and reach about to degrees Fahrenheit, while traditional saunas can reach nearly degrees Fahrenheit. But that's about to change. You appear to do this despite the fact that Simple Habit has no ability to deliver a secure, HIPAA compliant enterprise-grade solution. Co-founder Elliott Bennett Coon explains their twist on the spirit: You can schedule pickup online, and payment is through Paypal only, for both our services and to our couriers. Angela Duckworth defines three clusters of character.

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There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. How to get Powered By Sleep? Describe your product in 3 words. How did you come up with the idea for this product? What makes your product special? What has been the best part of your startup experience?

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One person found this helpful. I have been drinking DW Snoozeberry nearly every night for almost 3 years now. I had frequently turned to "P. They do make me drowsy, but it's an uncomfortable drowsy. I just don't feel well when I turn to those OTC options, and they leave me foggy in the morning and not fully functioning.

Then I was given some free samples of Dream Water. Having been a daily user of energy shots, I was curious if a "down" shot would be as potent as the "up" shots are. At least for me, Dream Water makes me drowsy, and it's a comfortable drowsy. During your appearance on Shark Tank , the hosts accused you of just wanting free PR and self promotion, and of stealing a spot on the show from someone who actually needed it.

It was hard to watch. We are happy to see anyone bring a greater awareness of mindfulness and meditation into the world. However, how you go about doing that matters.

The world needs more women finding success in STEM—and all fields, for that matter. In interviews, you tout having launched Simple Habit in under four months, even stating that it was easy. In our opinion, you appear to have lifted key elements of your business from other successful products in these 10 ways:. BJ Fogg is a pioneer in healthy behavior change. His Tiny Habits program has been transformational for startups trying to help people.

This was done without our knowledge. According to our analytics, you cycled through virtually our entire mindfulness training library. To say that you were a power user would be an understatement. Prior to terminating her agreement with Whil, this advisor continually asked Whil employees intimate details about our business model. We took it as curiosity from a friend.

Buddhify has been around for six years and is well-known as a high-quality meditation training app, having a wonderful founder Rohan Gunatillake , and for being an inventive Radial app player—something our space had never seen. As Buddhify have pointed out, you appear to have replicated their famous radial player without accreditation.

Left, screenshot from Buddhify, January Right, screenshot from Simple Habit, April Screenshots, Buddhify and Simple Habit. Whil has been around for three years and is known for our research, goal-based training, enterprise-grade SaaS training solution and the deepest library of teachers and content. You continue to promote yourself as the only solution with this approach or variety of teachers.

Your actions may not be evident to consumers. However, they are evident to the talented teams who actually created the Whil and Buddhify experiences. They are also evident to our corporate clients, to whom you are now pitching your company offering. You appear to do this despite the fact that Simple Habit has no ability to deliver a secure, HIPAA compliant enterprise-grade solution. To even suggest otherwise to unsuspecting businesses is reckless. Left, screenshot from Whil, founded July, Right, screenshot from Simple Habit, founded May, At launch, you appear to have replicated our website, including significant parts of our copyright protected language.

Once again, only following our objections, did you strip the Simple Habit website down to its current form. Perhaps your investors have since given you mindful advice regarding trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

That includes significant parts of our training catalog, the groundbreaking layout and presentation, with only making minimal changes to color and background. On Shark Tank, you shared slight modifications to our business model with teacher revenue shares. Your advisor introduced us. What are their specific credentials, insights, and what was the involvement with your company?

Your quick-copy approach knows no bounds, ranging from deep UX to seemingly basic advertising. Kim, imagine the pressure on those who actually did the work. Your ability to bend reality to manufacture excellent publicity is truly impressive. But one must pause to ask: Instead, you seem to have sent us each virtually identical notes:.

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